10+ Uses Of ESAB Welders In Industrial And Commercial Welding Applications

ESAB has been in the business of making welding and cutting equipment for over a century. It’s no wonder then, that ESAB welders have found their way into various industrial and commercial welding applications across the world. With exceptional arc and weld performance and a full range of products for light and heavy industrial applications, One can buy ESAB welder online to cater to every kind of commercial welding application.

Check out 11 of the top uses of ESAB welders across different industries today.

1.      Wind Energy

Welders from ESAB are used in flange fitting, tack welding, and the fabrication of longitudinal and circumferential in the wind energy industry. There’s a welding machine from the brand for each of these operations.

2.      LNG Solutions

Welding is critical in various LNG applications and fabrications. ESAB offers high-tech and heavy-duty equipment for the cutting and welding of inner tank joints, piping, deck and other LNG tank applications.

3.      Petrochemical Solutions

The petrochemical industry demands high-strength, corrosion-resistant welding, which ESAB’s welders are well-equipped to provide. The brand’s equipment is used in welding applications with different filler metals like nickel-base alloys, mild steel, stainless steel and more.

4.      Shipbuilding

ESAB is also a single-source supplier for all kinds of welding equipment used in building and fabricating ships. Vessel building involves various types of welding, and welders from the brand excel at fabricating and joining components in hulls, decks and superstructures.

5.      Agricultural Equipment

Welding is crucial in the manufacture as well as repair of agricultural equipment. Metal parts and components in cultivators and harvesting machines need to be welded strongly, and ESAB welders may be the right choice for the job.

6.      Automotive Bodies

The bodies of cars, bikes, trucks and every other kind of automobile rely heavily on welding metals and alloys together in the right manner. Welding equipment and machinery from ESAB are designed for use in TIG, MIG and spot welding in different types of vehicles.

7.      Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry also requires the use of welding processes to fabricate customized equipment, tanks, piping and many other components. TIG welding is often commonly used in the F&B industry, and TIG welders from ESAB easily handle these requirements.

8.      Pipe Construction

Pipelines form the core of many industries like chemical and petrochemical products, food production, water supply, engineering and construction, among others. ESAB welding equipment is widely used in the fabrication, fitting and repair of pipelines across all of these industries.

9.      Civil Construction

Civil construction projects involve the erection of high-rise buildings, bridge construction, and the construction of dams, canals, supply systems etc. Joining and reinforcing metal components and structures is crucial to these projects, and ESAB welding machines can do this effectively.

10.  Light Metal Fabrication

Light metal fabrication involves welding together smaller components like plates, brackets, shells, angles and the like. This kind of industrial and commercial fabrication is best done with lightweight and portable welding machines — which ESAB offers in various models and variants.

11.  Repair and Maintenance

Wear and tear are inevitable in any industry. However, ESAB’s welders make regular repair and maintenance possible, so industrial equipment lasts longer. These machines are used in the upkeep of equipment across various industries like mining, agriculture, cement and power generation.


ESAB’s product lineup includes welders for both lights as well as heavy-duty industrial welding. The Rebel range of multi-process welders, the Rogue lineup for professional welders and the EMP range of inverter-based machines are typically used in welding agricultural equipment, automotive bodies and pipes, among others.

Meanwhile, ESAB’s solutions for heavy metal fabrication include the Warrior, Aristo, RobustFeed and Renegade range of welders. They are typically used in industries like civil construction, shipbuilding, heavy industrial fabrication and the like.

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