6 Signs You Require Foundation Repair in Illinois

Foundation repair is an important and essential repair that should be done. However, sometimes homeowners don’t know what the signs or indications are that you may need a foundation repair in Illinois. If you’re a homeowner then it’s definitely necessary to have the knowledge behind the signs that might indicate foundation problems. These problems need to be prepared by a foundation repair company as soon as possible or they will get worse. So, let’s go through the 6 top signs that you might have foundation problems and what to do if you notice any of these signs. For further information on foundation repair in Illinois, visit our company website.

6 Signs That You Might Require Foundation Repair

The foundation of your home is extremely important to its stability and structure. Therefore, having foundation problems can definitely cause many problems for a homeowner and these issues need to be addressed and fixed as soon as they’re seen. 

There are a few signs that will indicate that you might need foundation repair. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

  • Cracks

Cracks are the most common foundation problem that is seen first. These cracks could be on the interior or exterior of your home and they can come in many different forms. You might see diagonal, horizontal, vertical, or stair-step cracks in your foundation. Cracks are not something to be ignored, especially if they are wider than  ¼ inch. 

  • Bowed Walls

Bowed walls are somewhat of a more serious foundation problem. Bowed walls are walls that poke out or seem curved and unstable. This is caused by your foundation shifting or sinking unevenly and putting pressure on the walls which makes them bow inwards. 

  • Sticking Windows/Doors

Sticking doors and windows are actually a common sign of foundation problems that many don’t realize. Doors and windows might stick or seem to not fit properly when there’s been pressure put on the foundation if it has moved out of place. This makes the window and door openings no longer fit the door and window perfectly. 

  • Uneven Flooring

Uneven flooring is a sign that your foundation underneath has moved. You may feel a slant along with your floors or it might feel bubbled up in some places. Either way, if your floor isn’t flat then you may have foundation problems that will need to be repaired. 

  • Bouncing Floors

Bouncing floors are a common sign of foundation issues that involve water. Bouncing floors typically are the result of water-damaged flooring, which is usually wood. The wood will absorb the water and this makes the wood unstable and can cause your floors to feel more cushioned than hard and stable. 

  • Gapping

Gapping refers to any part of your home where one surface or material meets another. Usually, you’ll notice gaps around door frames, between the ceiling and walls, or even between the walls and flooring. You may also notice this both inside and outside your home. Gapping is a sign that your foundation is pulling away somewhere it shouldn’t be. 

What To Do If You Notice Signs Of Foundation Problems?

If you notice any signs of foundation problems whether that be a crack, bowed walls, or any of the other signs mentioned above you should definitely call a foundation repair company in Illinois. Calling a foundation company in Illinois will allow them to come to inspect your foundation and determine what issues you have and what methods will be used to fix them. It’s important to never attempt to fix any foundation problems yourself, including cracks. Usually, there are larger underlying issues when foundation problems are found, so making sure to leave this job up to the professionals will help save you money, time, and possible injury as foundation repair can be dangerous. 

What Happens If You Don’t Repair Foundation?

If you’ve found signs of foundation problems but have decided you don’t want to get them repaired, then you can expect many more problems to arise with your foundation. If you decide not to get your foundation repaired then the problem could get worse and the damages may also spread to other areas of your home. It will cost a lot more money and time to fix the repairs once they’ve gotten much worse. Overall, you should expect to get a foundation repair once you find out that you have foundation issues to avoid having worse problems and a more expensive repair. 

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of different signs to watch out for that indicate you may have foundation problems on your hands. These signs shouldn’t be ignored no matter how minuscule they may seem to the homeowner because even the smallest looking foundation issue could be a result of a huge underlying foundation problem. The thing with foundation issues is that they usually aren’t always able to be seen by the homeowner, so keeping an eye out for even the smallest cracks could save you. 

If you notice any signs of foundation problems be sure to contact a foundation repair company in Illinois. The foundation repair company in Illinois can start by inspecting your foundation to assess what problems there are and which methods will be best to fix them. This also allows them to see what other issues you might be experiencing with your foundation as well. Overall, if you notice any of these signs then you should call a foundation repair company in Illinois to assess the situation and get an inspection done so you can get the foundation fixed as soon as possible. 

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