A Simple Guide to Creating a Hygge Design Aesthetic in Your Living Room

Hygge, otherwise referred to by interior designers as Scandinavian chic, is a fabulous design aesthetic. It is perfect for your living room or any room in your home and is not only a trending interior design theme but also one which creates a beautiful and dramatic aesthetic.

So, with that being said, here is a simple guide to creating a hygge design aesthetic in your living room.

Candles, Candles & More Candles

If you were to take a trip to the home of the average Nordic family, you would, without exception, find candles of all shapes and sizes throughout the property. What is more, the candles will usually be of the cream or bright white variety.

Candles are the epitome of hygge interior design style, and the beauty of this particular fact is that pillar candles are available from any homeware store for just a few dollars. Make sure to invest in a selection of different shapes and sizes of cream candles to add valuable height and depth to the room.

Create a Warm & Cozy Atmosphere

As any budding interior designer knows and truly understands, creating a specific design theme is not only created by the visuals but also the overall ambiance and atmosphere of a room.

This is why, if you are dedicated to creating a room authentically inspired by Hygge design features, you should contact established and renowned suppliers of beautiful fireplaces, such as those at stonewoods.co.uk. Browse the various styles and select a fireplace that adds warmth and coziness to your space.

Only Neutral Colors Allowed!

The most basic rule of Scandinavian chic is the use of color. If you don’t adhere to this, your interior design will fail to make the grade as a Hygge room at all. You must only include neutral colors, tones, and shades throughout the space.

However, this does not mean that you must restrict your search for hygge design features to greys and beiges, as there is a plethora of colors to choose from, all of which come together to create an authentically Nordic effect.

Light and dark browns, light and dark greys, creams, bright whites, caramels, and beiges are all entirely acceptable hygge colors, and what is more, remember that even though you always need to be working from a neutral color palette, you can still choose pieces which combine two or more contrasting colors within the theme.

Soft & Intimate Lighting

Last on the list of the simple yet comprehensive guide to creating a hygge living room is the importance of warm and soft lighting throughout the room.

Now, even though there may be times when you need the bright and all-encompassing light from the large ceiling-mounted light fixture, as a general rule, you should instead concentrate on lighting different areas of the room. Invest in beautiful table lamps with wooden accents, neutral lampshades with an earthy feel, and most importantly of all, only choose lightbulbs with a warm white shade rather than bright white. Warm light tones are much more in keeping with hygge vibes.

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