Ball Valve

The ball valve was named because of the plug with a hollow ball shape, and it is a mechanical device used for the fluid to pass when the lever is open. When closed, the sphere blocks the passage.

Ball valves were developed for open/closed (on-off) operation. And they are used to control the flow in pipes, and they are widely used in the oil and gas industry. In general, the valves are indicated for application in different fluid types with a wide range of temperature and pressure.

The ball valve is widely used in the market and can be identified as one of the most usable due to its importance and range of applicability. It can be deployed in homes, industries, factories, and firefighting systems. They are indicated for the use of various liquids, gases, and steam in a wide range of temperatures and pressure.

They have some critical advantages in the industry, such as the smaller size, weight, cost, better sealing, more effortless operation, and less load loss. Use is recommended for fluids that tend to leave solid deposits.

The installation of the ball valve needs to be done by a trained and specialized professional. As there are several models, it is possible to choose one that is incompatible with the piping. The installation also guarantees the smooth operation of the product and its safety. Before purchasing this product, it is recommended to check if it meets all safety requirements.

It is widely used in the oil industry due to its applicability in corrosion conditions combined with pressure and high temperatures; each ball valve has its characteristics containing several models. Some of them are tripartite valve, split valve, monobloc valve.

Brass valves

Bronze valves at belimo for industrial or residential use, used for firefighting, and also in civil construction. They are widely used in oil, gas, and water pipes. They vary in types of drawer, sphere, globe, relief, among others. It is one of the most corrosion-resistant valves, as a result of which it is widely used in hydraulic and industrial systems. It has a low economic cost, but poor-quality valves are not recommended.

The brass valves have a high operating cycle, in other words, a great life even in systems operating with high temperature and pressure regimes, and not suffer significant wear and corrosion due to the action of water. Compared to other models, the brass valves have a longer life even when working at high temperatures and pressures.

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