Common Commercial Roof Problems And How To Resolve Them

With a commercial flat roof, there are problems that can come up along the way that require resolution. Any commercial roof requires proper maintenance and making sure that you are contacting the right roofing company to complete the job is important. Here are some of the most common problems that can affect a commercial roof:


Leaks are a problem that is fairly common with commercial roofing. There are many reasons that a leak can start whether it is from water penetration, a storm, or standing water problems throughout a home. You need to make sure that the flashing strips have not deteriorated and that certain spots throughout the roof are not prone to leaks.

Membrane Damage

Flat roofing membranes can run into problems when they have not sealed to the roof appropriately. Billowing or bubbling occurs naturally here and when you run into these tenting problems it can often cause your roof to be weakened and the material quality to suffer as well.

No Maintenance

If you have not completed regular maintenance inspections, resealing and repairs on your roof, there is a good chance that it is going to fail and the components will cause further damage to the roof. Working with a commercial roofing company will ensure that you can get the regular maintenance on your roof that is required for the safety and for efficiency of your commercial building.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind as you are assessing the quality of your commercial roof or looking for the signs of trouble in your commercial roofing systems.

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