Could you turn your duplex designs into a bed and breakfast build?

As someone building property in Sydney, you no doubt have many ideas about how you could best use that land. And if you are someone who enjoys working with new ideas and fresh innovations, you might have considered investing in duplex designs. However, while evaluating everything you could do with a duplex build, have you ever thought about turning your duplex designs into a bed and breakfast build?

AirBNBs in Sydney are hugely common, especially with the massive number of tourists who come to the city to reside for a while. You could easily turn a duplex property into a bed and breakfast. Since the positive of a duplex build is that it can maximise the number of rooms relative to the space you have without hurting or limiting build quality, you can find that you can build a B&B using a duplex property without any issue.

This can be very useful for making sure you have every opportunity to really go ahead and build a long-term money maker. Every room can be rented out as part of your B&B, meaning that you have even more space than you would have if you went with a single build. Duplex custom home designs give you the opportunity to create two properties where previously only one could have resided. Yet since you will own both properties, they can easily be adjusted to fit into the B&B concept with ease.

This is one of the main ways that you can begin to develop and renovate your property empire. Instead of seeing duplex builds as something you can rent out to one or two families at a time, you could turn it into an in-demand B&B that is used by locals and visitors alike.

Boost your rental revenue with duplex builds

Even if you decide that you simply wish to use your duplex properties in Sydney to rent out to one family at a time, you can make a lot of rental income doing this. In the past, you could have found yourself renting out your entire property for $X per week. Now, though, having that second property allows you to turn that same plot of land into something that makes double the income that it could have in the past.

Even without going down the route of making a B&B, you can still turn that one rental space into a double rental space. You can rent it out to a family as a whole, while many investors use their duplex designs and new build homes to rent out one or two rooms to an individual. This means you could have students or people staying in Sydney on short-term work contracts using a couple of rooms each and then using community rooms like bathrooms, kitchens etc.

In short, a duplex property build leaves you with something that can really skyrocket just how much money you are capable of bringing in. The days of having to wait for years to see a quick return on your property investment are over: with the help of Sydney dual occupancy builders, you could turn that rental opportunity into two.

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