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When can all agree that when buying (or building) a home, things like location, square footage, and amenities are what is most important. But, we cannot neglect the architecture, that is the looks of a particular home. Architecture is what actually denotes the overall atmosphere in the entire home, be that a house, villa, mansion, or building. It is simple – opulent-looking homes go hand in hand with an opulent lifestyle, higher social status, and increased home value. Because of all those reasons, we have many types of home styles right here in Las Vegas. Some are old and some are relatively modern, but they all have features and characteristics that set them apart from one another. People who are not into architecture will have a hard time deciding on a style. But, that is why we are here – we will share with you our guide to Las Vegas home styles. So, if this is something that may interest you, keep on reading.


Ranch home styles in Las Vegas are pretty much standard. They are very easily recognizable as they are L-shaped and single-storied. All ranch homes have attached garages, deep-set eaves, and relatively low gable roofs. The exterior is also very characteristic – brick walls, small deck, big yard, and always a pool. And, when it comes to the interior design, styles and home decor varies depending on the family living there. But, all ranch style homes have open floor plans, wooden floors, and custom-made furniture.

In Las Vegas, it is also possible to notice different variations of ranch style homes. One of them is the so-called split-level style. This style is different only on the inside. Namely, an open floor plan is interrupted and several partitions are added in order to create more rooms.


When people think about Tudor style homes, they think of them in England, France, or in some other European countries. But, the truth is, Tudor style homes can be found almost anywhere in the world. They became extremely popular around the 1800s, back when they even weren’t known as Tudors but as a mixture of Medieval and Renaissance architecture. These styles of homes are not very common in Las Vegas, but they are there! Just look for homes that have steep gable roofs, exposed wood framework, masonry chimneys, etc. That is, look for homes that just stand out.

If you already found a Tudor home in Las Vegas that you fell in love with, do not rush. Tell your triple7movers.com to hold on with the moving-in process until you make sure that this house is actually move-in ready. Why? These homes are very old. So, be sure to have the entire home inspected thoroughly. Pay special attention to electricity and water systems – they are known to cause problems in these kinds of homes.


Just like Tudor homes do not have to be present only in England, Spanish homes are not present only in Spain. They can be found pretty much anywhere in the world. And, Las Vegas is not an exception. Quite the contrary – There are plenty of Spanish style homes around this city. This is because they blend in perfectly with Las Vegas’ arid, old country vibe.

They are famous for having low roofs, white walls, rounded windows and doors, and colorful tiles everywhere. But, what screams Spanish are those big yards, patios, and balconies that are designed to withstand Nevada’s scorching summer heat. The interior of the home is typically open and has plenty of uninterrupted space. If you do decide to buy this kind of home, of course, you do not gave to keep the Spanish style on the inside – you can use any effective interior design that suits your needs and preferences.


From England and Spain, now we turn to Italy. Tuscan style homes are also a common sight in Las Vegas. They look very opulent and luxurious, so, recognizing them will not be hard. They are characterized by natural stones like marble (both inside and outside), stucco walls, terra cotta roofing, ceramic flooring, textured wall finishes, and simple doors and windows. Everything about Tuscan homes is simple yet rich.

The best part about Tuscan homes is that they are extremely big. Yes, their square footage is admirable. Usually, these types of homes have two stories, but seeing a Tuscan home with one or three stories is also possible. Thus, if you decide to buy or build this kind of home for yourself and your family, you better have a lot of furniture. Do not worry, with professional’s help, you can move that furniture and feel at home in no time!


A home style very similar to Spanish and Tuscan is Mediterranean one. It is a home style very common in Las Vegas, especially among people who like to entertain, host gatherings, and simply enjoy their life both in and outside their home. This style of home simply invites people over. It is famous for having open floor plans with not a lot of furniture (only the necessities). The only mandatory furniture in these big homes are large tables with tons of chairs in the dining room, big sofas in the living room, and of course, big beds in all bedrooms.

What evokes the most interest are the arched doors overlooking a specific area in the yard – usually a pool, an outside living space, a barbecue area, etc. This is because this style, in the Mediterranean, usually overlooks the sea. But, who says that that is its only purpose – it fits quite well with Nevada’s lifestyle too!


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