Hidden Hazards During the Demolition or Cleaning of Old Properties

If you are about to do some cleanup or demolition of an old property. You should know that there are a lot of potential hazards lurking in older products and houses. Not so long ago, there were many dangerous products in everyday use. This is because their dangers were not yet discovered. To ensure you are not taking any unnecessary risks, you should be careful to identify the materials you are handling and make good choices about their disposal. Here are some of the more common hazards found around older properties.

  • Lead: Lead used to be used quite a lot. It is an easy product to work with, and it has unique properties, such as a low melting point, it’s malleable, and has high mass, making it very heavy. Old pipes were made from lead, and it was also used in paint. It was popular as a filler for autobody work. Old fishing weights, shotgun pellets, and the keels of boats are also likely places to find lead. Lead still has value, so if you find large pieces, you can take them to a depot and get some money for it. But make sure you wear gloves and breathing protection.
  • Asbestos: Asbestos is well known as being a hazard at demolition sites. This former miracle product was used in numerous ways. It is fire resistant, and its fibers are very useful. However, asbestos cannot be broken down easily in our bodies. So when it gets into tissues, it stays there and causes problems like mesothelioma and asbestosis. For this reason, you need to call for expert removal. Asbestos removal services in Perth can be located through an internet search. Asbestos can be found as insulation, around pipes, roofing material, old friction tools, and anywhere a heat shield was useful.
  • Mercury and PCBs: Old electrical products, medical equipment, fluorescent lights, and pumps are likely places to come across mercury and PCBs. Never touch any liquids or powders from these sorts of items. It is best to consider all kinds of old technology as toxic because so much of it is. Take extra care when handling old and unknown objects and make a good assessment of them before you take things to a landfill.

Safety should always be your first concern. Protect yourself with breathing protection, safety glasses, and rubber gloves inside of your work gloves. A little bit of inconvenience could save you some long term problems. Make sure that you take all hazardous materials to the appropriate facilities.

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