How to Know You Have Bed Bugs to Deal with In Your House

Even if you just think about bed bugs crawling around may make you a bit itchy. But, there are many ways you can get bed bugs no matter how clean your home may be. One member of your family may bring it with them when they go home after a trip. No matter how you unintentionally invited bugs into your house, you need to work with a Schertz, TX pest control professional to get rid of the bugs from the smallest to the biggest ones. 

Did you know that a female bed bug can lay 200-500 beds in its lifetime? Because of this rapid life creation, a bed bug infestation can occur before you know it. And in terms of treatment, it’s not easy to know if you have terminated every single bug at each life stage because they are great at hiding. This makes it important to seek help from experts. Otherwise, you may miss a few eggs, making other infestations possible. Here’s how to know bed bugs have invaded your home:

You Have Red, Itchy Spots

Not all people react to bed bug bites. But those who do will notice small red spots all over them. Bed bugs often feed at night. A target may not wake up because of a bed bug bite since the pest injects an anesthetic when biting a host. Bed bug bites can be found in areas near blood vessels on the arms, legs, neck, and hands. 

Stained Pillowcases and Bed Sheets

When bed bugs feed on humans, they inject an anticoagulant to help with blood flow. Because of this, blood droplets will form at the feeding site. These will transfer to bed sheets or pillowcases. When you notice these bloodstains on your pillows or bed sheets consider calling a pest control company for a bed bug inspection. 

Stained Mattress

Bed bugs may also leave behind fecal stains. Such spots have an unpleasant odor. The stains can be found in bedding and on walls, particularly in corners or behind pictures. Fecal stains may look like black spots on a hard surface. 

You See Bed Bugs Yourself

Adult bed bugs have a flat and oval shape. They have six legs and do not have wings. Following a blood meal, they often become a little swollen and darker brown. 

Some bugs like fleas, bat bugs, spider beetles, and carpet beetles are mistaken as bed bugs. If you are not sure about the kind of pest you have in your house, call a pest control professional immediately. 

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