How to Maintain Your Home In Every Season

Owning a home comes with a long to do list, and it can be tough to keep track of it all. From cleaning out the gutters to maintaining the air conditioner and heater, it might seem like the list never ends. Among all these big jobs needed to keep your home in good condition, there also plenty of little tasks that can help preserve its integrity as well. Every season brings new challenges, so here are a few things you can focus on as the leaves change and the sun comes out.


First and foremost, you want to ensure you have a quality weather seal on all of your doors and windows. This can keep the heat inside instead of letting it leak out and keep the cold at bay. If a freeze is heading your way, you want to make sure all of your exposed pipes are properly and securely insulated to avoid a burst and costly repairs.


With the spring comes a nice thaw and some more sunshine, but this also adds new jobs around the house and yard. Once the snow and ice have melted, it’s smart to check out your roof for any damage, missing shingles or leaks. Carrying a heavy snow load can do some damage to your roof without you realizing, so this annual check could save you major repairs.

You can also take this time to replace your air conditioner’s filter to make sure it’s catching all the dust that might surface as you start your spring cleaning. This can help to reduce seasonal allergies and keep the whole family healthy.


Summertime is a great season to get out in the yard and do all the clean up it needs while it’s sunny and pleasant. This is a great time to clean out the gunk from your gutters, restore your landscaping and check for any damage to exterior fixtures like faucets. To improve the temperature indoors, you can even clean out your kitchen exhaust fan to make sure it’s pulling away hot air efficiently.


Finally, you can use the fall as prep time for winter. Have someone come out to inspect your heating system and ensure it’s functioning and safe. You might also want to inspect your fireplace for any cracks or hazards like dry leaves and clean out the flue so you can use it all winter long.

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