Heated floor systems are one of the most convenient ways to keep the house warm. It warms up the house to make it feel toasty while minimizing the costs. Though most people prefer to install the radiant heating system under their floors, you can also install it in your ceiling and walls. The radiant heating system is said to be low maintenance. However, proper steps need to be taken to ensure that it continues to provide optimum heat. Following are some tips that will help in the maintenance of the radiant floor heating system.

No flushing the system

Though you might be tempted to flush the system, you shouldn’t do this until or unless it is absolutely necessary. Even then, it would be an intelligent decision to let the professional do it. When there is enough pressure, there is absolutely no reason to flush the system. 10 to 20lbs is considered sufficient pressure. You should keep a check on the system. This will help you ensure that the pressure remains within the range and let you know when to call a professional for flushing in case the pressure dips.

Handle the leaks

Due to being closed systems, the radiant heating system tends to last for a long time. But over the course of time and usage, some wear and tear might occur, which could cause leaks to develop. If you begin to notice a leak in a copper pipe, it is best to get it repaired. If there is a leak in a steel pipe, it is indicative of extensive wear and tears. When this happens, only a replacement can adequately fix the problem. A leak means the system is no longer closed, and oxygen is making its way into the pipes. This can cause erosion which might cause more significant problems in the longer run.

Keep your ears open for noises.

The modern radiant heating system has been designed in such a way that it makes absolutely no noise. The pumps of the heating system are sealed properly at the factory. However, the older systems might make a bit of noise. But when the noise becomes too much, it means that you should think about getting a replacement. The radiant system becomes too noisy is indicative of some parts not working properly as they should be. This means that there is a much larger problem. In such a case, the situation should be detected and repaired as soon as possible.

Carry out regular inspections

It would help if you never waited for something to go wrong before carrying out an inspection check. It is always best to carry out these checks regularly so that the problem can be detected in good time. If the problem is seen in good time, then damage done would be a lot lesser. The inspection should be done once every year. You can go as far as pushing it to once in every three years but not beyond that.

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