The Benefits Of Using Magnetic Screen Door

Framed screen doors are spring-loaded that many residents and commercial buildings are using nowadays. But, these materials are encumbering with lots of issues, depending on the environment, like having pets and kids. Once you have dogs or pets at home, you need to let them come in and come out many times daily. So, they need your help. If you have kids, they mostly throw screen doors open and sooner or later can be damaged. Of course, you don’t want your hands full of blood because of the damaged screen that might accidentally hit your hand. The best alternative is a magnetic screen door, which provides you all the benefits of a standard farmed screen door. But, you will not be encountering problems this time. Both people and pets will have a hands-free entrance and exit while getting rid of pests.

The 4 benefits of magnetic screen

There are facts about how magnetic screens are better than the standard framed screen door. Here are the four benefits of magnetic screens:

  1. High-quality and attractive products. Magnetic screen doors are durable and claimed as high-quality products. Additionally, it is very unique and attractive. Most magnetic screen manufacturers used sub-par materials when crafting the products. One good factor when choosing magnetic screens is the weight. Some of these magnetic screens are so lightweight, which is not a good choice. A mesh weighing 30g or less is typically a low-quality product. The most recommendable mesh should be weighing 55g or above. Some of these magnetic screens are simply glued into the mesh, which is not good. High-energy magnetics must be used to ensure the high quality and durability of the product. Did you know that screens with magnets glued will be easily misaligned in direct sunlight? The glue is easy to melt by the sunlight while the magnets will easily fall off or misalign.
  2. Hands-free accessories. Once you have a baby at home and are struggling with the framed screen door handle, installing a fly screen is a good option. It is very easy and quick to install, which takes a maximum of 15 minutes. But, the beauty of the magnetic screen is the best alternative for handicapped people. With a magnetic screen, it is easy to walk through and pass through automatically, it closes itself with you managing to do so.
  3. It’s a breeze. Nobody wants to open and close the door like a security guard. The magnetic screen doesn’t need anybody’s help. The door opens and closes automatically behind you.
  4. Pests control. Magnetic screens are naturally pest control. It protects the insects, bugs, and some other pests outside to get inside the house.

Well, all of these benefits are enjoyed once you have magnetic screen doors at home. It doesn’t only keep the house from pests but also creates a unique style of your doors. Some say that these magnetic screen doors are also double protection doors. You can open the door inside while keeping the magnetic screens locked. In this way, you can still have fresh air to get inside without the need of opening the doors. Plus, you can see somebody sneaking into your house outside without letting them know that you are watching inside.

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