Time To Replace Your Windows?

Some home fixtures need attending too very rarely, and others you may only do once in a lifetime; these can include replacing your roof, rewiring the electrics, and renewing the windows and doors. This project is usually a costly exercise, and it is a welcome relief that they do not need doing often. When replacing a significant fixture, we typically replace old with new, but that is not to say it is worth exploring all the various options available to you.

A Cheaper Option

If you have existing PVC windows and doors, a relatively new process is a viable option that can revitalise your property; it is an alternative to completely replacing the actual fittings; this is called UPVC spraying. The method utilises thorough preparation and a high standard of application to give any client a superb end product on any surface, which is also long-lasting and durable.

How Does It Work?

By using a powered spray gun, the process eliminates any unsightly brush marks to give an excellent finish; when done by professional tradespersons, it is a superb option for any homeowner looking to improve their property aesthetic qualities. The process follows these steps –

  • The area should be cleared and covered by protective coverings.
  • Windows are cleaned and degreased as a perfect surface is crucial.
  • Remove mastic or any other sealants to ensure 100% coverage.
  • Frames are then rubbed with any abrasive to have a good bond.
  • Tape up glass and brickwork to avoid overspray.
  • Apply spraying in two coats, a mist coat followed by a final coat.
  • Clean up, reapply matching mastic.

Through this process, the windows and doors are then protected by a molecular bond with the surface plastic for the next 10 – 15 years, and the colour should also be stable for around the same timeframe.

Benefits To You

By choosing to have your windows and doors sprayed with this UPVC process, you make available several advantages that may be necessary for your decision when comparing it against a total replacement; these can include –

  • Cost – this is self-explanatory as spraying is much less expensive.
  • Environment – Old plastics end up as landfills.
  • Colour choice – there is no limit to what you can choose.
  • Timescale – Spraying is completed within a day.

As well as doors and windows, you can enhance your property’s aesthetics by using the same process on the fascia, gutters, garage doors, conservatories, and any other fixture.

Other Uses for UPVC Spraying

The same superb spraying process is being utilised in many forms in domestic and commercial settings, both internally and externally. Businesses use external spraying to enhance their premises’ outward appearance, drawing in new clients and impressing visitors. It is also popular to use the spraying process internally to revamp your kitchen in any colour.

There we are, a viable option to replace your windows and doors. Hopefully, this short piece has given you some valuable information to make your decision.

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