Top 3 Reasons to Skip DIY Tree Removal

Trees are a great addition to your landscaping, but they can also cause a headache. If you have any trees that are damaged, dying, or simply growing too big, you may be faced with the task of tree removal. Many people try to DIY their tree removal. However, there are many reasons to leave this job to the professionals.


Think about what equipment you have versus what equipment should be used. It would cost a small fortune to acquire everything you should use. Don’t get caught on an old ladder with a chainsaw you’ve used once. If you need Seymour CT tree removal, an expert will come with all their own equipment. A professional will be outfitted with safety gear, ladders, standard chainsaws, extendable chainsaws, ropes, pulleys, cranes, and more. They are trained to know how to use all equipment safely and effectively.


Removing trees can cause a safety concern for you and bystanders. One slip with a chainsaw or ax can be devastating. Are you prepared if your saw hits a knot in the tree or your ax swing throws off your balance while in the air? Falling equipment and pieces of the tree can also hit personal property and any people who have gathered to watch.


Removing large trees can come with high liability. Using a licensed and insured company for Guilford CT tree removal keeps your name in the clear. Professional companies reduce liability through safety protocols. They also know how to fall a tree in specific directions to avoid houses, vehicles, and people. If an accident were to happen, they are ready to handle the error.

There are plenty of opportunities for do-it-yourself projects. Removing trees probably isn’t one of them though. Look to tree removal experts for the proper equipment, safety procedures, and liability protection.

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