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Top Tips to Design Your Ideal Bespoke Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen has been designed to accommodate the homeowner’s tastes, which are also considered the house’s unique features. By opting for a custom kitchen instead of an ideally suited model, homeowners may design the ideal space for their requirements, influencing every design procedure step.

Here are our top tips for designing your ideal bespoke kitchen.

1. Make a Wish List

Before you think about the design or style of your kitchenette (which is, obviously, the most exciting part! ), you must first determine what will suit your new area. Take some time walking over your present kitchen and making a list of everything that has to be included in your new space, no matter how big or tiny.

Consider the appliances you now own and those you wish you had. Is a built-in coffee maker, for instance, required to start your day right? Or are you an enthusiastic cook who might benefit from a larger oven?

Is your cabinet space adequate now, or is it more advantageous if the dinnerware or cooking supplies were more readily available? Think of the area as a blank canvas and dream large, rather than counting the number of cabinets you have today and assuming you’ll put everything away in the new custom kitchens Perth similarly.

Consider busy locations and busy times of the day in your kitchen. Do all family members gather in the same place to prepare their breakfast? If so, the arrangement should undoubtedly be improved.

2. Choose Your Preferred Style

Choosing a style is when things will become fascinating, and you may start to feel like a child in a candy store. You will most likely be a little overwhelmed, but you will be excited!

Like bespoke benchtop cabinets, a bespoke kitchen is not a minor financial investment. Because of this, you should choose carefully to ensure that your kitchen complements the rest of your home and is flexible enough to accommodate shifting fashions.

Moreover, most homeowners must choose between a traditional kitchen and a contemporary kitchen. Other than those, shaker-style kitchens are another term for classic kitchens. A shaker kitchen is unique, yet this word is often used since traditional kitchens also contain typically painted wood cabinets.

Additionally, a high gloss or ultra matt finish may be the way to go if you like a more contemporary kitchens look. After you’ve decided on a general cabinetry design, you’ll need to make many selections concerning the details, finish, and hardware.

3. Be Inspired

Inspiration is essential when building a bespoke kitchen. According to the budget, you may recreate thoughts and concepts from whatever you’ve seen in real life or online. Certainly, shiny home interest magazines, as well as more visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, are good places to start.

Nature, hobbies, and travel are all sources of inspiration for designers. It may be the difference between having a kitchen that looks the same as everyone else’s and having a room that is entirely distinctive to you.

Nonetheless, this is your perfect kitchen, and it should be unique. Since a bespoke kitchen provides for anything, be open to what you see in other people’s visions.

4. Divide the Space Into Key Zones

Splitting the area into major zones where specialised duties are carried out in planning a kitchen layout is ideal. Separate kitchen areas for cooking, entertaining, dishwashing, and homework ensure that the new room will function efficiently and have no unused space.

In addition to the traditional ‘golden triangle,’ in which the refrigerator, freezer, and oven create, yes, you guessed it, a triangle, the modern kitchen of today must have multiple functions.

For instance, if a female relative task from home, is it necessary for them to have a separate area of the kitchen that may function as an office? It could be as simple as utilising the dining room table as a workspace; however, other factors must be considered. Should the table be near a power outlet to prevent worrying about the laptop’s battery? Is having a phone line close necessary?

Assessing how family members use the space at different times may help generate ideas and maintain a footfall map. This includes watching how guests enter the kitchen, which doors they use, and how they move about. Having a clean way to take goods in and the ability to keep muddy paws out is often ignored!

5. Trust Experts

Talking to a professional, even though it could seem to be self-serving, is the most excellent method to ensure that a homeowner will end up with their kitchen dreams.

Designers of custom kitchens have the expertise, talent, and artistic sensibility to combine a wide variety of aspects into a single place that is successful from the perspectives of functionality, aesthetics, and practicality.

In Summary

It could be tough to define what fits in one kitchen and what doesn’t in another, but a bespoke kitchen is where designers can shine. They’ll help you include as much of the wishlist as possible in the room’s design and ensure it fits all your demands.

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