Transform Your Home Into a Staycation Location

The summer of 2021 is set to be pivotal for many. After being denied getaways over the previous year, as well as being regularly confined to their homes for safety during the health crisis, enjoying a holiday is likely to be a top priority. However, it may be some time before the halcyon days of quick European jaunts return, hence why staycationing is becoming the popular alternative.

Staycations can take a number of forms. Fundamentally, they are holidays enjoyed within your own country of residence. So, for those around the UK, this could mean a beach trip to Cornwall or a hiking holiday to the Scottish mountains. A result of this internal travel is the growing demand for overnight stays, which is why homeowners are looking for ways to renovate and transform their properties to turn them into staycation destinations.

The Fundamentals

Designing your home to accommodate paying guests is the essential concept behind services, such as Airbnb. By offering spare rooms, attics, log cabins, or even a sofa bed, to a guest, your home space can generate income. While there are few restrictions as to what can be offered as an accommodation space within your home, there are certain assets that will ensure your service is popular and able to continue.

A comfortable bed is the most basic item required since your guests are paying for a place to stay. However, other assets, such as those that create privacy and independence are great additions. Properties that are able to mimic a hotel’s design, whereby a guest can come and go as they please, especially without interfering with the homeowner’s private space, do exceptionally well. So, if you have an external building or a spare bedroom with an en suite bathroom, you’re in luck.

The Luxuries

As with all overnight stays, the decadence of a room can make or break the impression made. With luxurious extra assets, like televisions, air conditioning, and a coffee machine, you will be ensuring that guests leave you with a positive review. Stylish interior designs can also work to your advantage, so consider decorating your staycation room with beautiful prints and high-quality furniture too.

Luxuries can also take the form of disposables or non-essential extras. Stocking your guest room with guest-specific toiletries and snacks is an affordable way to make someone feel extremely welcome.

The Long Term

If you are planning to open your home to staycationers over longer periods of time, then there are a few potential investments you should consider.

Personal safes, especially those built into and concealed within a room, are excellent additions that allow guests to safely store their belongings. Depending on your available space, kitchen assets, such as counter-top grills, ovens, and mini-fridges, can allow your guest to cook and eat independently. Running water, whether to full shower facilities or a simple sink will also help our guest to feel at home within their own space too.

As with so many property-based endeavours, your return depends on your investment. If you are willing to dedicate a portion of your home to support a growing culture of staycation tourism, then you are likely to find many rewards.

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