What is a Commercial Locksmith?

You may have been locked out of an office or commercial property and in need of a professional locksmith. Have you just moved into a commercial building and are worried about its security? You may need to hire a commercial locksmith.

A locksmith is essential in a commercial setting to maintain the security of a building, the occupants, and the assets. This article will explain what a commercial locksmith is, the services that they provide, and how you can keep your business safe.

Locksmiths are trained professionals who deal with locks and keys. Locksmiths can offer a wide range of services including installation, security, repair, and maintenance of locks, security systems, and keys.

A commercial locksmith can provide the services that you require, whether you are looking to install a security system, repair damaged locks, or rekey them.

Commercial locksmiths are vital in protecting businesses from vandalism and theft. Commercial locksmiths are highly-trained professionals who can offer a variety of services in order to keep commercial establishments safe and secure.

What Do Commercial Locksmiths Do?

Commercial locksmiths perform a variety of tasks.

  1. Install locks: Commercial Locksmiths install various types of locks depending on the needs of the company. These include mortise locks and keypad locks.
  2. Repair locks: Locks may malfunction with time. Commercial locksmiths are well-trained to detect and repair any lock problems. Rekeying locks, repairing broken locks, or replacing locks can all be done by commercial locksmiths.
  3. Duplication of keys: Commercial locksmiths are able to create copies of keys for managers or employees to ensure everyone with access to a building has one.
  4. Offer master key systems: A master key system will allow employees to only access certain areas with their keys, while managers can access all areas with one master key. Commercial locksmiths are able to install and manage key systems for business.
  5. Offer access control systems: Access control systems can include keycards and biometric scanners as well as keypad codes to limit access. Access control systems can be installed, maintained, and managed by commercial locksmiths to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to enter certain areas.
  6. Emergency services: Commercial Locksmiths offer emergency services, such as lockout assistance and broken key extraction. They can also replace locks in the event of an emergency or security breach.

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