Food for Thought: Why artificial turf may be the future cornerstone of sound landscape design

Maintaining green spaces can be challenging, even if it’s over a relatively small property. In today’s world of higher costs and increasing scarcity of qualified outdoor green-space maintenance specialists, property owners seek low-cost, low-maintenance, long-lasting landscaping solutions. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that Houston landscape design companies are seeing clients increasingly requesting more innovative solutions for their green spaces. So, here’s some food for thought: Consider using artificial turf!

In Defense of Artificial Turf

Whether it’s backyards, front yards, side lawns, children’s play space, pet domains, pathways, sports fields, or walkways, there’s a lot to be said about natural grass. And for decades, it has been the go-to landscaping element for most occasions. However, there have been significant developments in man-made turf technologies over the past several years, and today, Houston artificial turf specialists find themselves fielding more inquiries than before, about synthetic grass solutions.

So, what is artificial turf, and why is it gaining in popularity in Houston landscaping projects?

Artificial turf (or artificial grass, as it is also called) is made from synthetic, man-made fibers, and has been in use since the mid-late 1960s. If you’ve ever seen the luscious green grass on famous sports stadiums and track fields across the world – that’s artificial turf at its best! And here’s why Houston property owners, be they residential, industrial, commercial, or not-for-profit establishments, love this ingenious landscaping invention:

  • In dry, arid places, where water conservation is encouraged, using synthetic turf reduces irrigation water usage
  • By making it a part of your Houston landscape design, you set yourself up for less yard and lawn maintenance effort in the long run
  • This landscaping element requires no frequent re-soiling, mulching, or fertilization
  • Because it is made from man-made fibers, it does not require harmful pesticides
  • By design, artificial grass has built-in pest repellant: Organic-free construction assures a pest-free space
  • There’s no need to worry about dead or decaying segments of your landscaping. The turf will flourish for many years, looking as green and lush as the first day you installed it

With all that going for it, is it surprising that more Houston area home and business owners are gravitating towards the use of artificial turf? Not to us! If there’s one element of property maintenance and management that’ll enhance curb appeal, it’s landscape design. And artificial turf is a no-fuss, no worry, no stress way of improved curb appeal.

Danger – Slippery Grass Ahead!

The bottom line is, that the use of artificial grass is not only eco-friendly; it’s also cost-effective, and as property value-enhancing as the real thing – except that it outlives the real thing by a factor of many years! While that sounds like a great value proposition, there’s one caveat: Installation.

Unless you work with an experienced Houston artificial turf professional to plan, select and install your turf, your property may not benefit from the tremendous payback that synthetic turf offers. Like carpeting in your home, improper selection, and inexperienced installation, does more damage than good. Worse yet, uninstalling and then reinstalling it can be a nightmare – both in terms of effort and cost!

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