Future Home Design: Tips for a House That Will Last

It is no longer enough to build or renovate a home to a high standard; you need built-in lasting technological changes and energy-efficient additions that the homeowners of the future will come to expect. From smart home appliances to home power generation and sustainable building supplies, getting the most out of property prices in the future means thinking smart, and green.

High Tech Homes

Technology is slowly but consistently creeping its way further into our daily lives. The homes of tomorrow will have voice-activated and app-controlled systems installed. We know this because the tech is already here, getting added to hot water boilers, plug sockets, and lighting systems up and down the country. Alexa will switch off millions of lights across the world tonight.

By installing these systems and any support infrastructure they need from the first fix onward, you are creating a home that can handle the evolving demands of future tech. Light fixtures that can connect to home networks, systems that can open and close curtains, and home security cameras all need power and maybe even a wired connection to an in-built home network. If you are renovating, remodelling, or self-building a home, smart home tech should be a part of your plans.

Empowering Homeowners

Adding onsite power generation to a home lets you make hay when the sun shines. Home solar has the potential to take a home off the grid, if you invest enough in its application and have the space for a solar array. Putting panels on a roof can be a more subtle addition to the home and still slashes energy bills for whoever is living in the home. This type of tech is going to be in high demand as energy prices soar.

There are systems to suit every home and budget, and add-ons that accentuate the savings and the value. Home batteries allow the house to store energy from the sun during the day and let you use it at night. Look at Now EV for a taste of the possibilities. If you have an electric vehicle, you can recharge it with solar power at night and drive with the power of sun rays without spending a penny on electricity from the grid.

Sustainability Sells

When making alterations, structural additions, or building a whole new home, sustainability sells. Using materials from recycled sources, or wood from renewable forests, can not only save you money at the builder’s yard, but it can also help sell your home. Green credentials are worth a lot when it comes to property prices. It’s a highly desirable feature and can be applied to every corner of the home, whether it is a fresh build, renovating a room, or adding an extension.

Always check the source of your building materials and the energy-efficiency ratings for supplies like insulation, bathroom furniture like toilets and showers, or kitchen appliances. Choosing the sustainable option whenever possible can push up property prices and save money on utility bills.

If you have a home design or building project on the books, see where you can utilise modern and energy-saving tech to future-proof your investment. You get a better return on your money, and you can add futuristic features that will be expected in the home of tomorrow.

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