How Do You Repair Ductwork? (Comprehensive Guide)

Are you curious about ductwork repair? Then you need to review this helpful guide developed by ductwork repair specialists. While it’s tempting for many homeowners to complete ductwork as a DIY project, we want you to know that it’s not a good idea.

Ductwork repair requires professional tools and equipment, advanced, complicated methods, safety gear, and experience and training to get it done correctly. Therefore, it’s always suggested to call a reputable ductwork repair technician to complete this job.

Before you try to acquire all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment to do ductwork repair yourself, review some common questions and answers related to the HVAC system that’s so essential to your property. This information is provided by our team who completes duct work repair in Spring TX.

How to Fix Torn Ductwork

You know that your heating and cooling systems require ductwork to operate correctly. When there is a tear in the ductwork, your furnace and air conditioning equipment can’t get the temperature-controlled air where it needs to be efficiently.

So, how do you fix the tear in your ductwork? Of course, the first step is calling a professional. The HVAC contractor will have the tools and materials needed to do a safe, reliable, and quick repair.

What are they going to do? First, the technician will open up the area where the tear is located. Then, they will place a patch of material identical to the existing ductwork over the tear. Next, the patch, typically a metal sheet, will be taped for stability. Finally, a strip of silicone is run around the edge to ensure the patch stays in place and so that no air can leak out around the patch.

Replacing Sections of Ductwork

Replacing sections of ductwork at a time is a much more involved project. First, the HVAC technician will fully assess the entire system to ensure all problems are noted. Then, a plan is developed to effectively fix any areas beyond a quick patch repair.

The different sections are generally screwed in place with either a Phillips screwdriver or a hex head. The specialist doing your ductwork service repair will know what to use and have it with them. The contractor will unscrew any damaged sections and screw in the new pieces securely, ensuring a proper and snug fit to prevent air escape.

Fixing a Big Hole in Ductwork

Depending on the size, fixing a big hole in the ductwork will be left up to the discretion of the HVAC company you hire to do the job. Sometimes, a big hole can be patched up with aluminum tape or heat-approved tape. This is most commonly implemented when the hole is located where two pieces of metal join together.

In the event that the hole is too big to patch or in an area that won’t allow for a simple repair, the heating and cooling team may decide that a replacement of the section is a more suitable solution. Discuss every option with the company you hire to ensure they can get your ductwork service done within your expectations and budget.

Time Required for Ductwork Repair

It doesn’t seem like the hole or tears in your ductwork are that serious, so it really shouldn’t take that long as far as you’re concerned. However, you want to make sure that the project is completed without a single detail being overlooked.

Most HVAC repair services are scheduled and charged either by the half hour or per hour. So, if you’re timing out the ductwork service repair because you’re worried about the cost, you can expect to pay for at least 30 minutes of time. Most qualified technicians can do a simple ductwork fix in a few hours.

Factors to consider when timing out a fix for ductwork include:

  • The difficulty of locating the damage
  • How hard is it to access the area that needs repair
  • The type of ductwork you have
  • Whether a repair or replacement is required

Most HVAC contractors will give you a time for completion upfront. It’s ideal to get your ductwork fixed from the moment you notice there is a problem. If you wait too long, you could be facing an entire ductwork installation, which can take up to two or three days to be fully completed. In addition, the cost to install new ductwork is much higher than a simple fix.

Don’t Do Ductwork Yourself

While it’s tempting to try and do ductwork yourself, you’ll find that you’re really not saving yourself any time and definitely not any money. In addition to purchasing everything required to finish the job, you’re spending days or weeks of your own personal time to finish it. Then, you always have the added risk of being injured because you’re not quite sure what to do safely. 

Finally, think about what you’ll be dealing with if the ductwork installation or repair is done incorrectly. Save yourself the headache and leave this type of HVAC service to trained experts.

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