Tips for Resuscitating a Moribund Living Room

Even with the addition of dine-in kitchens and entertainment centers, home living rooms can still be central gathering areas in many homes. However, over time you may find you want to rejuvenate this important room. Though it is important to avoid decorating missteps, you should not be afraid to indulge your personal taste if you decide to take the plunge. You can roll up your sleeves with confidence when undertaking the following living room makeover projects.

Choose Your Focal Point

Every space needs a centerpiece that defines the room. You can decide to emphasize as your focal point anything you can imagine: a painting on the wall, a large-screen television, a handmade coffee table or an antique cabinet. An existing fireplace, with its dancing flames, makes an ideal point-of-emphasis. If your fireplace sports a worn and dirty look, consider creating a new stone look installed by fireplace surrounds Milwaukee.

Redo Floor

Changing the look of your floor will provide a canvas for everything else. Adding new rugs is the simplest, most cost-effective way to upgrade the floor look. The next costly fix is to lay carpet on a worn tile or wooden floor. If you appreciate the oak or pine flooring you have in place, refinishing the wood will upgrade the look of the floor. Finally, you can lay a new floating laminate wood floor over an existing one, but only if the original is uniformly flat.

Paint the Walls

Repainting is a time-honored, low-cost decorating hack with which you can express your personality. You can either go bold and colorful or muted and calm. Just make certain to test your potential schemes in small patches before painting the entire room. At least you can repaint if you find yourself dissatisfied in the long run.


Living rooms can become receptacles for outdated furniture over time. Replace your furnishings with new seating and tables that are harmonious with the new floors and paint choices. Again, you should personalize to suit your passions, whether you select a modern look or a historic theme. At this time you can consider how to mold your arrangements into sections or patterns that will enhance socializing in your living room.

Add Final Touches

These living room makeover steps will provide a foundation for numerous enhancements that you can alter at a moment’s notice: Rotate pillows, throw rugs and art pieces as the seasons or your moods change.

Refreshing a little-used or boring living room is akin to adding a new room to your home. By using a creative touch, you can turn your living room into a space that guests will happily sink into.

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