What Are the New Trends in Florida Bathroom Remodeling?

If you’re planning a bath remodeling in FL don’t head to the hardware store just yet! Check out some hot new trends first, to ensure you love your space for years to come.

What Is Trending in Bath Remodeling in Florida?

While your home should work for you and your family, it’s good to explore the latest trends in bathroom spaces. This way, you won’t overlook any features or details you’ll love in the space! Here’s what’s trending in bath remodeling in FL homes:

Touchless faucets

Touchless faucets are a hot ticket item in bathroom renovations today! In the past few years, homeowners have seen an increased emphasis on avoiding touching as many surfaces as possible. In turn, touchless faucets are now popular even in the family bathroom.

Organic style

When it comes to your bath remodeling style, think organic and natural. With more people working from home, a cozy and inviting atmosphere is vital even in the bath. However, harsh colors and unnatural materials are anything but relaxing!

Consequently, renovation plans today often include soft earth tones, room for live plants, and natural materials. To bring in an organic feel, plan for wood shelves, glass containers, and other such details when renovating.

Accessible storage

Check out new home designs and you’ll no doubt see linen closets right in the bathroom rather than the hallway! Today’s homeowners have come to appreciate accessible storage, not just roomier spaces. In turn, today’s bathroom spaces might include linen closets, clothes closets, changing areas, and even washers and dryers. These simple touches give a homeowner quick access to everything they need while in the bath.

Today’s bathrooms have gone high-tech

Cars, home appliances, and electronics have all gone high-tech, so why not your bathroom? When planning a bath remodeling in FL ensure you include USB ports in the plugs and wiring for stereo speakers. Also popular are humidity and steam sensitive ventilation fans which shut on and off automatically.

Bathroom trends let you age in your home

Another great trend in today’s bathroom design includes planning for aging in your home. What does this mean? Homeowners often don’t want to leave their family home even as they reach retirement age. In turn, they might plan for needed accommodations in the bathroom and include them in their renovation designs.

As an example, a built-in shower seat means comfort now and added safety later! Raised vanities offer added comfort, with less bending and stooping to reach the sink. Additionally, showers with sensors that don’t allow water to get warmer than a particular temperature are also a great option.

Are Bathtubs Out of Style?

Some modern home designs don’t include a bathtub in the master bath. One reason for this is that walk-in showers and a separate lavatory for the toilet take up lots of space! Two, busy homeowners might not have time to soak in a tub and might find a spacious shower more comfortable.

However, this doesn’t mean that bathtubs are somehow out of style! On the contrary, you might find more options for tub designs than ever before. For instance, square tubs offer a clean, modern look that fits an updated space. Conversely, a classic clawfoot tub can create a classic elegance in your home’s bathroom.

When considering whether to include a tub in your bath remodeling in FL, note how often you might use it. Also, ask yourself if an enlarged linen closet or other added storage is a better use of the space. Lastly, don’t forget the hassle of cleaning a tub! If you’ve considered these questions, you can then decide the right choice for your home’s bathroom.

Do Bathrooms Need to Match?

When touring new or model homes, you might notice that all the bathrooms tend to match. In other words, you’ll find the same countertop materials, flooring, and other details throughout. While this can provide a cohesive look, you don’t need to follow this rule without fail!

For instance, you might prefer easy-to-clean surfaces in a child’s room but more elegant touches in the master bath. In the same way, you might avoid fragile items like glass shelving and live plants in a kid’s bathroom! On the other hand, these upscale touches can add class and style to your main bathroom. Additionally, parents might need more storage in their bathroom than younger children especially.

Also, consider if a bathroom in your home doesn’t get much use. As an example, if the kids have moved out, that second bathroom might not need constant updating. In turn, you might spend your bath remodeling in FL budget on the guest lavatory and main bathroom instead.

What Bathroom Sinks Are In Style for 2022?

Undermount sinks are the hottest trend for 2022, according to House Beautiful. An undermount sink, as the name implies, sits underneath the countertop. This creates a clean line while also making it easier to keep the sink rim clean and free of germs.

House Beautiful also notes that homeowners are mixing time periods for their bathroom fixtures. For instance, you might combine a period or “old fashioned” faucet with a sleek, modern sink. This style choice keeps your bathroom from looking dull and generic.

Also, note that larger sinks are still popular this year and should remain a favorite choice for homeowners. Larger sinks mean less splashing when washing or brushing your teeth. Additionally, they help make a statement and break up the look of long countertop surfaces.

What’s Trending in Bathroom Vanities for 2022?

A vanity is an excellent choice for supplying uncluttered storage in the bathroom. However, consider mounting a vanity to the wall with a large, open space under it. This hot trend for 2022 ensures the vanity doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Additionally, that space allows you to slide some baskets under the vanity. Natural rattan or other woven textures bring softness to the bathroom. Also, baskets allow you to store thick towels and other bulky materials more easily than putting them in a cabinet. When installing a vanity, ensure you choose the right contractor, so it stays secure for years to come!

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