Basics of the Hamptons Kitchen Design

For those of you who are considering a kitchen remodel and are looking for some of the top designs, take a minute to consider the Hamptons style. This style was taken from the eastern area of Long Island, New York and is designed to mimic the life of luxury living by the ocean.

The great news is if you are considering adding this style of kitchen to your home, you only have to consider a few things. The main thing to look at is your home’s current architecture, as Hampton-style kitchens are meant to be oversized with a lot of natural light. The most important architectural aspect to look at is an open floor plan, as enclosed ones make the pace feel too cramped.

Pick Your Colours

A Hamptons-style kitchen is going to use lighter colours. One of the most popular choices is white, as it reflects light making the kitchen appear brighter. Another benefit to a light colour choice is how it makes the kitchen feel. The lighter option gives the space a fresh and clean appearance.

Don’t limit your colour choices to just white. You can also pair it with other light colours that remind you of the ocean, including grey, blue, and green.

Opt for Natural Materials

Flooring in most Hampton styles is a lighter-coloured timber. The lighter colour is selected as it works better with the paint choices used. Although many opt for the lighter wood, nothing says that you can’t opt for a darker floor to contrast the paint colours and cabinets. Opting for the darker wood provides the design with a more contemporary look.

Another area to use natural materials, such as stone or wood, is in the furniture choices. Use wood furniture that matches your flooring choice. For seat cushions and other fabrics, stick with cotton or leather.

Countertops and Backsplashes

For the countertops, you want to use marble as it gives off the luxury living vibe. The natural vein patterns throughout the marble create the most stunning appearance on countertops. Don’t forget about your backsplash, as they can truly make a kitchen style stand out.

Marble is commonly used for a backsplash in a Hampton kitchen, as it creates a natural extension of your countertops. However, it’s not the only option that works well with a Hampton design. A subway tile, when done correctly, can look just as good. Think about white tiles with white grout to enhance the lighter colour scheme.

Kitchen design is more than just choosing a style. It’s about creating a space that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality. The best kitchen designer Auckland understands this and can help you create the kitchen of your dreams – no matter what your budget is.

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